Sunday, November 22, 2009

Internet: Porn

There's no way to avoid it,
and that what makes it so impressive.
I think of how, as a toddler,
I would scrape my knees, flailing
with other brats inside polyurethane tubes
covered in yellow,
blue, and lime-green
lead-based paints

It's that kind of recklessness
that powers this naked machine,
an endless series of tubes.

And I learned from this.
Not just how to crawl
on my hands and knees,
but to elbow my way up
just to slide for the exit after
wading through a ball-pit. And now,
I can type the word "polyurethane"
with my left hand
and masturbate with my right,
simultaneously, with gusto.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You're Helping Me

For every dollar you spend,
I grow a finger

For every cough you suppress,
my mother sends a keychain

For every puddle you jump,
Jeremy gives me a cigarette

For every cigarette you lend,
you give it to me

For all of your cancer,
my lungs turn to crystal

For every hospital you've bombed,
I sleep easier at night

For every doctor you've punched,
my body fights off infection

For all of your fears,
I trade my fears.

When you are dying,
I am still dying.