Saturday, August 16, 2008

good idea/bad idea

lets start a band called felix lighter
a stoner-rock/shoegaze mix with
a little bit of neil young

we'll get a van
a big van for our instruments
and people we pick up
on the street

there will be fights
someone will get punched
for crossing some line
but never in the van
because it will explode

teach me a D chord
it's the rock and roll note
then teach me A minor
because it is frail
and tell me it's a song
so i can stop watching myself
in the rearview mirror
on long trips

Friday, August 8, 2008

run (on and on and on)

i am done running.
i have moved.
last year i moved on a piece of rubber
attached to machine
attached to my feet.
i ran two miles.
i have moved in.
four weeks ago i jumped
out of a parachute
out of a plane.
in and of the sky all at
the same time.
the pilot waved goodbye.
he wished me good luck.
thumbs up, two.
i fell in
into the dirt and grass
my sides split open and everyone was watching.
the pilot came.
two thumbs, down.

even though he flew my plane i had never seen him before.